First and foremost, HyperPanel Lab gathers an awesome and talented engineering team with unique expertize in both Digital TV and Computer Science. Our R&D Department actually comprises highly gifted scientists, as well as numerous passionate engineers coming from the top French Universities enjoying world-class reputation, typically Ecole Polytechnique or Supelec to name a few.

Laoreato SANTONASTASI – CEO / coFounder

Laoreato is graduated from the French prestigious Pierre & Marie Curie University. He got specialized in Physics and known after a couple of scientific publications. After University, he started his career in 1981 in the radar Division of Thomson CSF where he then became in 1986 the Manager for the Reliability Studies at worldwide level.

In 1988, Laoreato created SOFRETEN as a statutory company of SCHNEIDER. He was then involved in developing complex technologies dedicated for armament, weapons and high-reliability operating systems.

In 1991, Laoreato jointly created HYPERPANEL Lab (formerly COJYP whom was originally incepted in 1986), a fully private company that he still runs as President and CEO. Under Laoreato’s management, HYPERPANEL Lab accomplished a world first during the 1992 Olympic Games by performing JPEG digital transfers between Barcelona and Chicago.

In 1996, Laoreato’s company was instrumental in designing the middleware of CANAL SATELLITE. Known as MediaHighway Pantalk, this market proven technology has been later transferred to NDS, now CISCO, which still leverages on today, including new subsets for High Definition and PVR based advanced services. To date, over 35 millions systems have been deployed across tier one Pay TV operators, thus emphasizing the reliability and robustness of the HYPERPANEL Lab core technology.

Laoreato was awarded for his achievements at the 2009 MipCom in Cannes. His company is also a stakeholder of the HbbTV initiative, up to the point that it demonstrated a series of turnkey implementations in recent international exhibitions. Laoreato is an entrepreneur driven person that also gets involved in business angel activities supporting disruptive technology start-ups evolving in the Digital TV and Web spaces.

Jean-Yves ASTIER – CTO / Founder

In 1980, while he was studying Computer Sciences in the French reputed university called Supelec, Jean-Yves was already in parallel actively pursuing personal researches on various Operating Systems. This genuine and early passion, and the tremendous efforts he spent reverse engineering complex systems which he wanted to understand, got him, despite he was student, to write several famous programing and technical books - on Apple II, Oric 1, Thomson MO5, Atmos - that all got published by the a-class editor Eyrolles.

In 1983, he developed on Apple LISA a complete middleware structured as a virtual machine: this sort of first high layer secondary OS was then further completed and deployed during the 3 years Jean-Yves originally spent in the French Army as Scientist. There, he also developed a mainframe platform capable of handling heavy and robust data transfer (mostly satellite images, graphics) between heterogeneous machines.

In 1986, Jean-Yves created his company COJYP, which later got renamed into HyperPanel Lab. Originally, Jean-Yves architected and deployed complex real time telecom and messaging systems, typically X400 based, for very large Corporations, including nuclear plants. To enable such robust platforms to perform, Jean-Yves developed the first version of an automate engine, as no real-time OS, not even UNIX, was appropriate to handle the particular complexity involved. This was the first step towards the OS which Jean-Yves will later, over several years, develop and strengthen based on a programming language that he created from scratch to overcome C language limitations: the so-called Pantalk.

Several versions were released, with a prime focus on image and mapping processing, typically for the French Railways, the Eurostar, the French Army (satellite systems, drone image analysis, etc…) up to the development in 1996, for CanalSatellite, of the very first Digital Set-top box ever deployed.

Ever since then, Jean-Yves has kept on completing the optimisation of his masterpiece OS. It is ultimately to date, the sole true software based implementation of the famous Turing Machine, and hence being CPU agnostic, mainframe friendly and multitasks, it is capable of achieving unrivalled performances no matter of the CPU it is running on.

Laurent JABIOL - CMO

Laurent has founded NEOTION in 2000, which he run for a decade and got public (IPO in 2006). He has now nearly 25 years of experience in Management and Business Development activities in High-Tech (both in the PC and the Digital TV sectors).

At 20 years-old, he co-founded and became Sales Director of a pan-European Distributor and Representative of PC peripherals. During 9 years, he was responsible for OEM business with tierone PC makers, aswellas for establishing and managing a B2C distribution channel.

Prior to NEOTION, Laurent was the Southern Europe Sales and Marketing Director for SCM Microsystems where he successfully developed the PC security and Digital TV markets.

As CEO and Chairman of NEOTION, he successfully completed an IPO process in 2006, and then later managed to bring in a strategic corporate investor. Over the years, Laurent has been instrumental in getting NEOTION involved in some essential Standardization process, typically CI-PLUS which he initiated, as well as in MPEG-4 and Hybrid TV related lobbying activities that are now setting the foundations for the company’s development. Sidewise, he filed more than 17 patents.