HyperPanel Home Media Cloud

The HyperPanel Lab software suite is so powerful that it enables, using ordinary off-the-shelves hardware, to build up highly advanced Multimedia Home Gateways. Our MHG reference designs do propel simultaneously, within the Home Media Cloud, numerous Broadcast TV channels, IP ones, as well as recorded programs onto multiple screens within the Home Cloud.

Home TV Gateways

HyperPanel Lab empowers best in class Home TV Gateways & Whole-Home DVR (enabling Multiscreen & Multiroom awesome experience on popular IP devices such as tablets, smartphones, connected TV equipments, …).

Smart Home TV

HyperPanel Lab creates a captive ubiquitous whole home network enabling incumbent Operators to create a new point of value beyond pure media delivery (e.g.: Smart Home, Profiled Advertisement tools, etc).

Internet Of Things

Within the home Cloud, and beyond, HyperPanel Lab’s fully in-house designed Operating System (OS) is uniquely tailored to unleash IoT performances and security, while drastically lowering cost and power consumption.