Technical Insights

Code Insights

Because nothing is better than an example, you will find below a typical implementation of an application program (Myapp.c) for STM32 as well as an example of a low-level driver (Driver i2c.c). Both of these programs are independent from the hardware and embed their own documentation. Enjoy!


Hardware Platforms Deployment

Designed to provide your connected devices with the maximum functionalities and capacities within the smallest footprint, the first Hyperpanel OS’ portage have been done on optimized hardware platforms. This roadmap will be updated periodically and completed according to the hardware platforms / microprocessors selected to support future development environments. Stay tuned!

Development Environment (languages and solutions)

As we want to enable you to develop your applications in a standardized and recognized environment, we have selected the best development environments adapted to your needs, whatever your constraints. This is formalized through the following roadmap, which will be updated periodically according to the progress of developments.



The following table represents the legacy of all the drivers and protocols previously developed as part of hardware platforms already on the market. Each of these porting is documented and will be soon available online. This list is not exhaustive of drivers developed in the context of non-commercial prototypes.

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