Here we go, our V2 Multi-Sensor Unit (MSU) dedicated to Smart Buildings is now available!

Designed by our partner Trombone, this new release is powered by Hyperpanel OS still running on a STM32-M4 and integrates the following Adafruit sensors :

  • Sound sensor & amplifier (MAX9814);
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure and gas sensor (BME680);
  • IR 8×8 thermal camera sensor (AMG8833);
  • Ambient light sensor (VEML7700);
  • Silicon MEMS Microphone Breakout (SPW2430) ;
  • RGB Color Sensor with IR filter and White LED (TCS34725);
  • Gas sensor for air quality (MQ);
  • PIR sensor;
This MSU strongly reinforces HyperPanel’s Smart Buildings SDK built around an MQTT architecture and offering the possibility to easily develop web services.


Going from equipment to services has never been so easy!