A new EEPROM driver is available. It enables for driving EEPROM of the Hyperpanel OS standard daughter board. The inherent complexity management of physical EEPROM, so mainly the handling of “rows” and “waits” is hidden to the user of this driver. The driver also provides the following features:

  • Multiple concurrent EEPROM support.
  • Choice to use/not use a RAM cache for each EEPROM.
  • Interface procedures ar supporting blocking and non blocking use.

The interface procedures are intended to be used from the application container only, from a script or a task. The procedures are blocking, thus meaning they must not be used from any VMK FSM treatment. Those procedures are :


eep_get_nb      Retreive the count of available EEPROM's 
eep_get_info    Retreive informations for one EEPROM 
eep_wait_init   Wait once for the end of initialization 
eep_writemem    Write a sequence of bytes 
eep_writestr    Write a character string 
eep_writeint    Write a 1/2/4 bytes integer 
eep_readmem     Read a sequence of bytes 
eep_readstr     Read a character string 
eep_readint     Read a 1/2/4 bytes integer