HyperPanel and its partner Trombone are proud to present their first SDK dedicated to smart building, managing – thanks to Hyperpanel OS – multiple sensors with one of the smallest footprint processors (STM32-M4). This multi-sensor card is part of our vision of the new smart building architecture.

In addition our technology based on Hyperpanel OS offers data management as well as integrating business rules directly within the IoTs. All the data generated by the sensors is sent in MQTT on a secure broker, ensuring the implementation of an AI engine.


Welcome to the new world of Smart IoTs!
SDK characteristics:
This shield integrates several sensors:
  • Sound sensor & amplifier (MAX9814);
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure and gas sensor (BME680);
  • IR 8×8 thermal camera sensor (AMG8833);
  • This shield is provided with ADC, I2C, ASYNC, GPIO, UHF, JTAG, Wifi (ESP32), IR receptor, EEPROM.

    This beta version board is pluggable as a Pyboard’s shield powered by Hyperpanel OS & STM32-M4 (stm32py Hyperpanel OS target).

    Thanks to Hyperpanel OS, any business rules can be embedded in the sensor offering new opportunities in terms of data management and uses.

    Coming soon: ETH, RVB, LUX and PIR sensors integrated on the SDK (BOARD and Software support)